PAULL PARISH COUNCIL  : Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 2 March 2017

1.    a:  Apologies for absence :  Cllr Carlill
b: In attendance :
Cllrs Shaw, Woodmansey,  Hulme, Failey, Annison, Beadle,  Lowde, Allen, Steel, Thurston, Dennis & Members of the public.

2.         Declarations of Interest (if relevant) Cllr Woodmansey


3.         Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 2 February 2017

Proposed : Cllr Lowde;  Seconded: Cllr Woodmansey;  Vote: carries unanimously


4.       Matters Arising Therefrom :


a)       National Grid- answers to parish council queries, and contact details provided by Tom Hall


b)      Carpark, woods, lane and football field- no further communication at present

c)       Bus shelters- Shelutions awaiting update from ERYC for completion of groundworks, to install Turpit Lane shelter—complaint from resident and response discussed

d)      Plaque for the Humber Tavern bus shelter-wording to go to Cllr Beadle, he will provide

e)      Plaque dedicated to Mrs Franks- Mr Franks gave Cllr Beadle wording request

f)            Topping of graves -Holderness Landscapes to top and seed £30 –

g)       Emergency Plan, copy of previous and new template, all cllr contact details updated, paperwork passed to Cllr Shaw

h)      Parking in Paghill-Cllr Steel -ongoing

i)            HMO query in Paghill-Cllr Steel-is it a B&B-ongoing

j)            Shipyard alarm-now sorted, was a problem with the temporary system

k)       Manhole covers in the woods-

l)            Playland- grant that Cllr Lowde secured expires Dec 2017- Cllr Dennis advised that Leeanne Wright is the contact in County Hall, Cllr Dennis also advised that the siting of the playground would need advice from the Environment Agency

m)    Possible altering of the corner at Townend Road and Back Lane as large vehicles are having to cut the corner because of the parked cars –yellow lines?

n)      Note delivered to resident re parking of trailer in Main Street-

o)      Litter pick from ERYC- Cllr Steel clarified Paull Road from Saltend , and from the flyover at Hedon- one took place at the carpark last week, Cllr’s expressed that it was an excellent job.

p)      Charity status for PPC to enable access to funding bids-a charitable group has to be set up to deliver the enhancement plan, as a parish council cannot be a charity, it has to be as independants – await update of any information from HCC,  Cllr Lowde will complete the paperwork- all but one to be on the group









a)Any traffic concerns, ring 0800 988 9144, or email Thomas Hall-



d)Cllr Shaw and Hulme

e)Cllr Beadle will make

f) unanimous- clerk to inform Holderness Landscapes


g) Cllr Shaw

j) Cllr Beadle dealt

k)Cllr Beadle has covered one with plywood, he will again attempt to find the second to cover


l) Cllr Failey to invite for costings, and look at arranging Summer fund raising events

m) Cllr Steel has contacted Mike Peeke at ERYC, he is doing a site visit but feels there will be difficulties as mains service pipes and cables run directly underneath.

Update at April meeting.



5.    Continuing Matters :



·  Bank Mandate—all paperwork completed to be returned to Barclays, cllrs who sign and the chair advised a visit to a local branch with proof documents ( utility bill and passport/driving licence)


·  Declaration and Conduct forms— conduct forms are a legal requirement and need to be completed by all councillors – then a copy goes  into ERYC, and also uploaded onto PPC website-some have been completed

·  Yorkshire Enterprise Park- no information
·  Sea Defences- temporary closure of the public rights of way- confirmation to Paul Cusick of PPC agreement, also sea defence concern letter to be sent as the slipway is falling apart and will erode away unless appropriate action is taken- Cllr Dennis queried whether the Environment Agency are involved- Cllr Shaw explained that it does not pose a flood risk

·  Parish Plan-ongoing Cllr’s Shaw and Lowde

·  Website- Ben Woodmansey gave an update- the website is now up and running, training of clerk to continue- Mrs Davies happy for us to upload information from the website she has, before she closes it down.

·  Village Hall- website opportunity- Andy Knight has bought a domain, BW will liaise with Andy, the update will be added to PPC website

·  Altzheimers pop-in/training- village hall—Cllr Lowde will continue to try to make contact with Kirsty Akrill, at present there is nothing arranged in the village hall to tap into

·  Photos for PPC website and ERNLLCA- Cllr Beadle has provided some to BW, he will take more when the weather improves- also discussed was the whereabouts of the photographs/ slides/powerpoint which were bought by PPC?  These are a parish council resource, when accessed will sit with the clerk, and be uploaded onto the PPC dedicated laptop (watermark/online store?) Do we need a fireproof safe for the storage of the CD’s?





a)completed paperwork to be posted back to Barclays









Clerk to email Paul Cusick










BW to explore















Cllrs Lowde will contact Mrs Cross







a.  Complaint from resident at Anson Villas regarding the state of the road and the usage by people visiting the car boot sale- Cllr Shaw read out the complaint and the response- a discussion took place—if the materials can be accessed, Cllr Lowde said there are plenty of volunteers. Cllr Annison offered that he is happy to store the materials and transport them when needed.  Could the entrance be changed in the future? In the short term, obtaining the relevant materials will be explored, and PPC will work with the church and village hall to resolve


b.  HART bus-discussed what a good service provided, unanimously agreed for PPC to donate £100


c.  Grantfinder ESF community grant- discussed-  Cllr Lowde explained we don’t meet the criteria to apply

d.  Oustrays to Skeffling realignment-noted

e.  Village Task Walkabout—20 June 2017 at 09.45am, outside the village hall

f.   Information regarding changes to planning applications

g.  Preplanning refusal information received -noted

h.  Local plan leaflet-noted






a)Cllr Hulme, also


Cllr Beadle will discuss with Cllr Carlill


1st Car boot sale 1st April 2017












e) names to clerk

(Cllr Woodmansey has agreed to attend )


f) clerk to contact ERYC to ask if we automatically receive an email with the information of any planning applications

6.    Forums

a.    Yorkshire Water – nothing to report

b.    B.P. – Community Forum 5 April 2017 6pm start at Lambert House, 7.30pm finish- names to clerk, and any special dietary requirements

c.     Nippon Gohsei :  nothing to report
d.    S.C.C. Ltd – nothing new to report

e.    Vivergo : meeting  22 February 2017, Cllr’s Shaw, Annison and Woodmansey attended and gave an update-Vivergo awaiting government decision and % of ethanol addition. New tank build on hold at present

f.      Ineos: nothing to report





b) names please asap to clerk








7.    Committees

a. Development & Conservation : as above-changes to planning applications


b. Able UK & ABP/Siemens : nothing to report

c.              Police / Neighbourhood Watch :  no Police representative at meeting, pleased to receive a nil return report, NHW email to Cllr Failey discussed
d. Lighting: Number 8 Back Lane, hole left from the repair
e. Allotments: Cllr Beadle to collect the rents which -are set at £25 per annum due 1st April 2017, information of contact details to be added to the receipt, YW bill £38.86

f.   School info: nothing to report
g. Sports field : ongoing

h. Road Safety / Highways : Cllr Failey queried if we could request  a speed gun as there are cars speeding on Thorn Road in the village, also there have been several near misses at the junction with Main Street and Back Lane- could stop lines be put in instead of the present giveway signs?

i.   Emergency : details of previous emergency plan and new template

j.   Transport :  Transport Strategy Launch Event at Bishop Burton -nominate Mr Franks and Mrs Marshall. They also gave details of some of the bus route and timetable changes, and gave notices to go on the parish notice board

k.  Village Hall: meeting Thursday, 9 March 2017, other information as above



a)Clerk to contact planning at ERYC



c)Clerk to contact Maureen Yates at Safer Communities for clarification of role and responsibilities and report to next meeting


d)clerk to contact ERYC







h) clerk to contact police and ERYC







i)Cllr Shaw


j)clerk to inform Jason McLeavey names of attendees on behalf of PPC


K.       Finance :
a: From ERNLLCA grant- Paull Hosting -initial clerk training £300

b: From ERNLLCA Grant- clerk-initial website training  £300

c: Turpit Lane bus shelter (when invoiced) £3,474

d: Yorkshire Water allotments bill £38.86

e: HART – £100 donation
All approved unanimously.




a)Cheque to Paull Hosting

b)cheque to clerk


d) posted to YW

e) posted to HART

8.           Any Questions
a. Brown bin full of bricks left down the Folley

b. Fire hydrant broken


c: path to the church, has been cleared but needs cutting back as it has overgrown the concrete and is not wide enough for prams or wheelchairs to use



a)clerk to contact ERYC


b) the fire service will sort when they do their inspection

c) clerk to contact ERYC


9.         Next Meeting.


The March meeting will be held on Thursday  6 April  2017

 starting at 7 p.m. in the upstairs observation deck of Paull Village Hall (disabled access available.)


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.55p.m.