PAULL PARISH COUNCIL  : Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 6 July 2017

1.    a:  Apologies for absence :  none
b: In attendance :
Cllrs Shaw, Woodmansey, Annison, Failey, Allen, Carlill, Beadle, Lowde, Hulme, Thurston, and Steel, Members of the public.

2.         Declarations of Interest (if relevant) —– Cllr Shaw re removal of planning condition ref 17/01942/VAR


3.         Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 1 June 2017

Proposed : Cllr Failey ;  Seconded: Cllr Allen;  Vote: carries unanimously


4.       Matters Arising Therefrom :


a)      Yorkshire Enterprise/Energy Park-informed by Cllr Thurston that neighbouring parish councils object, it is before ERYC planning in Oct/Nov 2017-other land is available that already has planning ie Saltend Road Paull adjacent to the bridge and the river—the objections include concerns re flooding, height of the proposed buildings-8 or 9 stories high, increased traffic flow etc.  Cllr Thurston to ensure Hedon Town Council’s response to reject the application is sent to the clerk








Information received and forwarded to all councillors

5.    Continuing Matters :


·  Phase 2 of the sea defences underway, good communication between all parties

·  War memorial-Everingham’s have given guarantee, and will contact Mr Rowe to arrange for water supply to be available


·  National Grid, excellent road signage, no further traffic complaints


·  Football posts have been taken down on the pitch -will be re-sited by contractors at the end of the works


·  Yorkshire Enterprise Park-see a) above


·  Car park, woods, football field-Cllr Shaw-ongoing, no further communication


·  Village Walkabout-Cllr Woodmansey attended, concerns were raised from around the village regarding the state of the potholes, hedges overgrown (private residences), paths overgrown- he was informed that ERYC have no funding to address most of the concerns—it was agreed for the clerk to write a generic letter to be sent to individual residents  requesting hedges to be cut back


·  Parish Plan: ongoing -Cllrs Shaw and Lowde


·  Photos for parish and ERNLLCA sites-ongoing-Cllr Beadle,


·  Parish council owned photographs, power point and slides—Cllr Lowde will provide a disc for the clerk to upload


·  Charity Status for Paull Parish Council—Cllr Lowde-Paull Enhancement Fund bank account to be used, and clerk’s address to used. All Cllr’s agreed (except Cllr Hulme) to be trustees, and Cllr Lowde explained the process. A committee is the managing role, Cllr Woodmansey to chair (proposed by Cllr Shaw, seconded by Cllr Failey), to include Cllr’s Failey, Allen, Carlill. A letter of pledge to support is required, approval from Inland Revenue needed re gift aid.

·  Vivergo open spaces-Cllr Failey was congratulated for all his hard work in securing the support of Vivergo, he outlined the plans he had discussed with Nick Thompson (Vivergo) which have been agreed in principle. Queries were raised whether the site would need planning permission for change of use from amenity area-Cllr Steel will check with ERYC, it was queried who informs the immediate residents, also there is a public right of way through the land. The project needs to include a working committee and members of the village, several cllr’s offered support- fundraising events need to be organised, the head at the primary school and the two local pubs happy to be involved, needs to be publicised on the various websites/facebook?? Cllr Failey also has a meeting 12noon, 10 July arranged with Playdale who have offered free consultation- all cllr’s welcome to join him

·  Merchant Navy Red Ensigns – 2 flags delivered and passed to Cllr’s Allen & Failey

·  Manhole covers- destroyed yet again-Cllr’s Carlill & Beadle to arrange for large piece of concrete/rock armour to be put in place (Cllr Hulme still needs to be able to access)

·  Bus shelters- Allotments- Cllr Carlill will continue to explore, Debbie McGurn will install flags on shelters when time permits















Letter to go re overgrown hedges












6.    Correspondence


a.  Information and video received re 3 Youths smashing up the picnic table

b.  Rabbits on the football field- agreed IR can control with ferrets

c.  Information from ERYC re adoption of Community Involvement Plan-noted

d.  Proposed permanent diversion of the public footpath No 6 Anson Villas Paull consultation- concerns were raised -have the residents it will affect been informed/consulted as it will affect their privacy -people will be able to look straight into their homes, also it will cut into the sports field- a vote took place with 7 councillors not supporting the proposed diversion, 2 abstaining- noted that the parish council will support the decision of the residents of Anson Villas

e.  Request from film company for contact details of land owner re City of Culture filming

f.   Resolutions for ERNLLCA Annual Meeting-noted



a)       PC Ainley advised that if the property is owned byPPC, we can report and ask for informal resolution (not a normal investigation) so that the youths are spoken to/request reparation

b)      Clerk to contact IR

c)       Noted

d)      Clerk to return to ERYC PPC response

e)      Noted, information passed

f)        No resolutions




7.    Forums

a.    Yorkshire Water – nothing to report

b.    B.P. – nothing to report

c.     Nippon Gohsei : Nothing to report


d.    S.C.C. Ltd : nothing to report

e.    Vivergo : nothing to report (see in continuing matters)


f. Ineos : nothing to report


g. Environment Agency : nothing to report













8.    Committees

a. Development & Conservation :

1) Integra-planning application 17/01886/PLF for 2 storey office Building and associated works-approved

2) Removal of condition 6 of planning permission N.10461-A to allow Permitted Development rights to be re-instated, 17/01942/VAR -River View, Main Steet, Paull—(Cllr Shaw declared an interest)-it was discussed whether it had been legal to put this condition on –unanimously approved


b. Able UK & ABP/Siemens : nothing to report

c.Police / Neighbourhood Watch : no update received—Cllr Allen explained that crime can be reported on line-which goes through to the Anti- Social Behaviour Team in County Hall- concerns raised again about the waiting time for answering on the 101 number.

Cllr Carlill informed that there had been thefts from the sheds on the allotments, Cllr Beadle has spoken with allotment holders not to leave valuables down there.

It was queried if there is a poster informing of the dates/times of the police surgeries in the village?
d.Lighting : nothing to report
e.Allotments :  thefts from sheds

f.School info : nothing to report
g. Sports field:


h.Playground: Cllr Failey-ongoing

i.Road Safety / Highways : ongoing concerns regarding speeding cars in the village-

j.Emergency : ongoing- Cllr Shaw

k.Transport : Our bus champions informed of the survey form, Cllr’s agreed for them to distribute, and thanked them for their input


l) Village Hall: nothing to report





a)clerk to respond to County Hall on both 1 & 2




























i) Clerk has spoken to PC Ainley-he asked that the date, time, and registration number are reported for driving irresponsibly-the drivers will then be traced and spoken to-email to councillors to inform


K.       Finance :
a: £500 cheque received from Mike East Funeral Directors-deposited

b :£50 clerk -approved

c : £3300 clerk -approved
All approved unanimously.



9.           Any Questions
a) It was reported that Mr Horsley has concerns regarding the tree at the top of Turpits Lane, as it is hollow at the base

b) Cllr Annison asked if the grass could be cut on the roadside in front of St Andrews Church

c) Concerns regarding oil on the road leaking from a vehicle parked at 18 Back Lane

d) Mr Franks produced an excerpt from the Holderness Gazette regarding breaking the law when parking on footpaths-clerk to contact PC Ainley for advice

e)Cllr Allen agreed to deputise for the clerk regarding Paull Cemetery




There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.50pm




a)Cllr Steel will speak with ERYC and advise the clerk


b)clerk to speak to Holderness Landscapes re cost

c)clerk to send letter

d)Clerk spoke to PC Ainley, who explained that a common-sense approach is taken in the villages, as there needs to be enough space for emergency vehicles to access, and parking is at a premium. He stated that if it is felt that there is an obstruction, then advice can be given by PPC


10.     Next Meeting: 7pm, Thursday, 7 September 2017, Upper deck of the Village Hall


                        (Please Note-no Parish Council meeting August)