Paull’s Parish Council meetings are held on the evening of the first Thursday in each month apart from August, this being the month when many Councillors are away on holiday.There is also an Annual Parish Meeting which usually takes place immediately before the May Parish Council meeting. Additional meetings may be called when needed and the day may not necessarily be a Thursday. All meetings of the Council are open to the public and press, although confidential items occasionally arise from which the public and press are excluded. Members of the public may not take part in the discussion unless invited to speak by the Chairman. They also may not vote on council matters. Minutes of council meetings appear on here, both as a draft and once approved by the full council. To view the Agenda for the next meeting, see here

In addition to council meetings, councillors may also be called on to attend meetings of other committees, organisations etc. outside of Paull but of direct relevance to the Parish Council and the village. Most councillors are members of one or more of these committees and give their time freely.

Current Paull Parish Council Members

Phil Leach

Lynda Kelly


Graham Shaw


Stephen Woodmansey


David Beadle


Shaun Carlill


Peter Allen


James Lowde


Toby Annison


Stephen Hulme


Bill Failey


Parish Councils are the smallest unit of local government in England (Scotland and Wales have Community Councils, which are not quite the same) and all Parish Councillors are volunteers, that is, they receive no pay or recompense for their time and services. In addition, to date no Paull Parish Councillor has claimed any expenses for work undertaken on behalf of the council and parish although legally they can.

Parish Councils have many legal powers, but in practice, Paull Parish Council’s budget is limited by the amount of the annual precept and covers mainly the allotments, bus shelters, seats, grass-cutting, maintaining the war memorial and village amenity areas (next to the old fish-and-chip shop and at the corner of Turpit Lane and also the recently acquired land adjacent to Anson Villas) and most recently, the cemetery adjacent to the parish church. The Council also has representatives on several local industry community forums : BP, Vivergo, Nippon Gohsei, Saltend Co-Generation and Yorkshire Water.

The Parish Council considers all planning applications received from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council planning department, and after discussion, conveys their opinions back to them as the planning authority. The final decision, however, rests with the County Council planning department. The Parish Council also considers and comments on planning policies.

Paull Parish Council has a representative on Paull School’s Board of Governors and the Village Hall committee, and all councillors are trustees of the Village Hall Trust.