PAULL PARISH COUNCIL: Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 2 May 2019

1.    a:  Apologies for absence :  Cllr Beadle (Cllrs Steel & Thurston due to elections)


b: In attendance :

Cllrs Shaw, Lowde, Hulme, Allen Hodgson, Annison, Leach, Carlill, Failey, 4 Members of the public.


2.         Declarations of Interest (if relevant) none


3.         Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 4 April 2019

Proposed: Cllr Lowde; Seconded: Cllr Annison; Vote: carries unanimously


4.       Matters Arising Therefrom







5.    Continuing Matters :


·  ABP Humber International Park-Highways -6 month deferral-document shared

·  Yorkshire Energy Park-Councillors and PADEL met with representatives from YEP/Sewell 23.04.2019

·  Community Recreation Area-a discussion took place regarding the responsibilities/future responsibilities re risk assessment, weekly checking of equipment-who/cost- paperwork-needs to be documented, annual inspection (RoSPA or other company??), insurance-needs clarification-clerk to check with PPC insurance and ERNLLCA, ownership of land-PPC or peppercorn rent to Recreation Team to be run as separate entity? most equipment gifted or from grants-are the recreation team looking dissolve- the responsibility would then pass to PPC for PPC to maintain/insure/weekly/annual checks/dismantle any unsafe equipment?? Cllr Failey informed that the equipment is checked informally regularly, rusty bolts have been reported to manufacturer


Cllr Shaw informed that an inspection regime needs to be in place

Cllr Shaw said it was greatly appreciated the excellent job done by the Recreation Team.

Cllr Shaw stated that options/solutions to be discussed at June meeting


·  Charity Status-ongoing- to be discussed at June’s meeting

·  Emergency Plan-Cllr Shaw and clerk have received some responses, will be compiled into closed register

·  Election 2 May 2019- all PPC councillors re-elected unopposed

·  New police surgery-village walkabout 10am-7 May & 11 June outside the village hall












6.    Correspondence


a.  Bi-annual village walkabout with Darren Muldowney Monday, 20 May 2019, 09.45am outside the village hall-Cllr Hodgson


b.       National Grid- presentation to PPC at June meeting?


c.       Overview and Scrutiny Committee-document shared and noted


d.       East Yorkshire Bus newsletter-emailed to all councillors-KF receives directly


e.       ICO annual direct debit £35 noted


f.        Remittance advice £5,000 precept


g.       ERNLLCA membership of executive committee-Cllr Shaw elected


h.       VAT information from ERNLLCA -noted


i.         Town & Parish Council liaison meeting-Hedon Town Hall 5th June 6-8pm-Cllrs Shaw & Lowde


j.         Annual Parish Council renewal £517.42-all in favour


k.       Men in Sheds- Cllr Hulme gave information re people joining together to share time and skills, doing lots of useful work-shed/garage is a community workshop-social benefits and interaction with others– he is interested is starting a group in Paull and will put up some notices to gauge interest -KF will put in newsletter—all in favour













7.    Forums

a.    Yorkshire Water – nothing to report

b.    B.P. /PX– nothing to report

c.     Nippon Gohsei : Nothing to report


d.    Triton Power Ltd (prev S.C.C Ltd)- nothing to report

e.    Vivergo : nothing to report


f. Ineos : nothing to report


g. Environment Agency : Cllr Hulme awaiting response for an update report, advised that they do usually clean the road- he will contact tomorrow













8.    Committees

a. Development & Conservation : ABP, YEP ongoing
b. Able UK & ABP/Siemens : ABP as above,

c. Police / Neighbourhood Watch : –new surgery format-updates shared-walkabouts 7 May, 11 June—10am outside the village hall. Royal Oak burgled, fires and fireworks near to Paull Holme- FH closely monitoring


d. Lighting : Cllr Hodgson will query when on walkabout re 2 lamp posts on entry to the village from Hedon, Leonard Close really dark (is due for update 2020)
e. Allotments : Cllr Beadle has collected all the rents, issued receipts, and banked the £700

f. School info: 64 pupils on roll
g. Sports field: clerk to contact NPS for update, also can HCC enforce no camping on the carpark? -can PPC put up legitimate notices £1,000 fine/clamping?


h. Community Area: as above

i. Road Safety / Highways:

j. Emergency: Emergency Plan ongoing-as above

k. Transport: nothing to report


l. Village Hall: nothing to report


































K.       Finance:

a): clerk salary, stamps £4.20, funeral RMB

b): ICO annual renewal £35 d/d

c): BHIB annual insurance £517.42

d): £700 banked-allotments

e): £5,000 banked-precept

f): £500 banked-RMB funeral

g): Holderness Landscapes £60- grave top ups x2

all approved unanimously



9.           Any Questions:

1)       Cllr Allen informed salt boxes are refilled, stock is low and more will need ordering for next winter

2)      Cllr Hulme informed that the rubbish situation on the carpark etc much better after he put comments on website, also massive drop on the verge at Boreas Hill

3)      Tree in Paghill- will have tag on if protected

4)      KB informed Rev Philip West will be doing a prayer walk around 22 churches -will be in Paull Thursday, 6 June 2019 11.30am -2.30pm-all welcome to join him, any prayers you would like saying please pass to KB in the next 2 weeks



There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.35pm




10.     Next Meeting: 7pm, Thursday, 6 June 2019,

upstairs observation deck of the Village Hall, disabled access available