PAULL PARISH COUNCIL: Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 4 April 2019

1.    a:  Apologies for absence :  Cllrs Failey, Allen, Hulme, Carlill, Annison


b: In attendance :
Cllrs Shaw, Lowde, Beadle, Hodgson, Leach,  Cllrs Steel & Thurston  4 Members of the public.


2.         Declarations of Interest (if relevant) none


3.         Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 7 March 2019

Proposed: Cllr Lowde; Seconded: Cllr Shaw; Vote: carries unanimously


4.       Matters Arising Therefrom


·         ABP update-all very quiet???

·         Yorkshire Energy Park- document shared and noted

·         Caravan behind Main Street-information passed to housing at ERYC





5.    Continuing Matters :


·  Community Recreation Area-Cllr Lowde raised concerns that £10,000 has been handed over as a deposit on the new equipment- should be commencing installation May

·  Charity Status-ongoing- Cllr Lowde needs Cllr Failey to provide 4 independents to be added as trustees

·  Emergency Plan-forms to register Vulnerable persons and any parishioners able to assist in an emergency have been kindly distributed by KF in the village-thanks expressed-Cllr Hodgson will kindly deliver to outlying homes, down to Cherry Cob Sands

·  Extra street lamp Leonards Close-costing is around £1,000 to provide and install one lighting column, plus running cost and £67 SLA—- clerk to contact Dave Williamson to ask if we could be at the beginning of the programme in 2020 (include that the light spread is limited at present and some residents have fallen in the dark), and possibly they would fit an extra light head-discussed and agreed to review after the maintenance by ERYC in the 2020-2021, as the lights could be brighter. Do we need to look at a lamppost near to Beech Rise- very dark-the road is block paved-is the road adopted? If not, residents or PPC would have to look at funding.

·  Mike Peeke walkabout- recommendation information noted

·  Kirk Lister information re Lakes Farm bridge-noted

·  Election 2 May 2019- Cllrs agreed parish council meeting to go ahead 2 May

·  New police surgery-2 April Paull cancelled- Cllr Thurston informed he was the only attender at the Hedon walkabout











6.    Correspondence


a.  Bi-annual village walkabout with Darren Muldowney Monday, 20 May 2019, 09.45am outside the village hall


b.       National Grid- our questions answered-shared and noted


c.       ERYC & KUHC joint minerals local plan modifications consultation-shared and noted


d.       AMEP & Halton marshes information noted


e.       ERYC supplies-noted


f.        Great British Spring Clean-litter pick-shared-Cllrs Beadle and Hodgson will share with school as the head has expressed interest-invite the Gazette???


g.       ERNLLCA newsletter-shared


h.       ERNLLCA ongoing annual membership-all in favour


i.         NALC code of practice-noted


j.         New governance and accountability information-available on ERNLLCA website


k.       MY Account-ERYC- shared and noted


l.         Exemption Audit information-Cllr Lowde will respond


m.     ICO annual data protection fee—clerk to sign up to direct debit


n.       Holderness Health- information shared re GP surgeries Hedon and Withernsea joining services together -to be known as Holderness Health


o.       ERNLLCA District Committee Meeting- Burstwick Village Hall, 7pm on Tuesday, 16 April













7.    Forums

a.    Yorkshire Water – nothing to report

b.    B.P. /PX– nothing to report

c.     Nippon Gohsei : Nothing to report


d.    Triton Power Ltd (prev S.C.C Ltd)- nothing to report

e.    Vivergo : nothing to report


f. Ineos : nothing to report


g. Environment Agency : nothing to report













8.    Committees

a. Development & Conservation : ABP, YEP
b. Able UK & ABP/Siemens : ABP as above,

c. Police / Neighbourhood Watch : –new surgery format-updates shared-walkabouts 7 May, 11 June—10am outside the village hall


d. Lighting : Leonards Close  as above
e. Allotments : Cllr Beadle busy collecting rents

f. School info: Cllr Beadle informed that the school would like to make banners re dog fouling—all agreed funding from PPC up to £80
g. Sports field: rent due-no update re possible usage—car boot 6 April – skelpings delivered, lane in much better condition


h. Community Area: as above

i. Road Safety / Highways:  cabins and compounds in the fields down Paull Road are to do with pipeline

j. Emergency: Emergency Plan ongoing-as above

k. Transport: nothing to report


l) Village Hall: 23rd March- showing of old Paull village photographs- well attended and an enjoyable evening-thanks given to KF-functions could do with a bit more support. Cllr Lowde and BO kindly fitted new pads to defibrillator


































K.       Finance:

a): clerk salary

b): ERNLLCA annual membership £357.58

c): Annual website domain £120

d): Sports field rent £100

e): ICO annual renewal-set up to direct debit £35

all approved unanimously



9.           Any Questions:

1)       Men in sheds-Cllr Hulme-add to May agenda



There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.10pm




10.     Next Meeting: 7pm, Thursday, 2 May 2019, Annual General Meeting, followed by Parish Council meeting

upstairs observation deck of the Village Hall, disabled access available