PAULL PARISH COUNCIL: Agenda for Thursday, 4 April 2019

1.    a:  Apologies for absence :


b: In attendance :  



2.         Declarations of Interest (if relevant)



3.         Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 7 March 2019

Proposed:                             Seconded:                            Vote:




Matters Arising therefrom :


·         ABP Humber International Development Park

·         Yorkshire Energy Park-information that it will be complimentary to the ABP application

·         Caravan rear of Main Street-concerns re resident living in the caravan, and getting onto the school premises over the boundary fence when children were in the playground-all voiced to enforcement, who have forwarded to housing

4.    Continuing Matters :


·  Community recreation area:

·  Charity status:

·  Emergency Plan-Cllr Shaw

·  Extra street lamp Leonard Close- cost to provide and install a lighting column (from Dave Williamson)-around £1000, plus £67 SLA per year-(cllr Lowde in agreement)

·  Village walkabout-with Mike Peeke-he has included Paull in his submission for inclusion on the footway programme- any not done this year due to budget will remain on the programme for next year. Lakes Farm Bridge will remain under monitoring-email response from Kirk Lister-senior project manager-asked to be informed of any changes noticed

·  Election 2 May, all councillors completed forms returned to County Hall- receipt received from Simon Clark-notices for notice board- do we need to change May parish council meeting date???

·  New police surgery, walkabout Paull-10am, 2 April, 7 May, 11 June, outside Village Hall


5.    Correspondence

a.       Village walkabout-with Darren Muldowney-Monday 20 May 2019 at 09.45am, outside Paull Village Hall-who is available??

b.       National Grid-our questions answered

c.       ERYC & KUH Joint Minerals Local Plan modifications consultation-closes 23 April 2019

d.       AMEP & Halton Marshes steering group meeting Killingholme-information from Laura Hill of Able UK-2 April

e.       ERYC supplies information

f.        Great British Spring Clean-litter pick-22 March – 23 April

g.       ERNLLCA newsletter

h.       ERNLLCA-membership invoice 2019-2020- £357.58

i.         NALC new Code of Audit Practice information

j.         New governance and accountability information -available on ERNLLCA website

k.       My Account information from ERYC






6.    Forums

a.    Yorkshire Water: nothing to report

b.    B.P.: /PX: nothing to report

c.     Nippon Gohsei: nothing to report

d.    Triton Power Ltd: nothing to report

e.    Vivergo: nothing to report

f.     Ineos: nothing to report

g.    Environment Agency: nothing to report

7.    Committees

a. Development & Conservation: ABP / YEP ongoing


b. Able UK & ABP/Siemens: ABP-as above

c.  Police / Neighbourhood Watch:  update

d. Lighting: as above -Leonard Close

e. Allotments:

f.   School info:

g. Sports field:

h.  Community Recreation Area: as above

i.   Road Safety / Highways:

j.   Emergency:

k.  Transport:

l.   Village Hall:









8.            Finance:

a.       Clerk salary

b.       ERNLLCA £357.58

c.       Annual website domain £120


9.         Any Questions:


10.     Next Meeting:


Date of May 2019 meeting tbc due to Elections taking place on 2nd May