PAULL PARISH COUNCIL: Agenda for Thursday, 7 February 2019

1.    a:  Apologies for absence :


b: In attendance :  



2.         Declarations of Interest (if relevant)



3.         Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 10 January 2019

Proposed:                             Seconded:                            Vote:




Matters Arising therefrom :


·         Guest speakers from the Joint Venture-Steve and Jakup

·         ABP Humber International Development Park-RSPB response letter, objections

·         Yorkshire Energy Park-new application

·         Letter to Nick Howbridge re land

4.    Continuing Matters :


·  Community recreation area: damage to trees

·  Charity status:

·  Chairman’s Award-contacted S Taylor who explained Paull Holme Tower not yet finished

·  Emergency Plan-does it need updating?


5.    Correspondence


a.       2019 contract Holderness Landscapes £3,540

b.       Response re donation PADEL-

c.       HART-donation?

d.       Dog fouling- letter- Cllr Shaw response–Public Protection Orders

e.       Skirlaugh planning application

f.        Grantfinder- Princes Trust-closing date 21 Feb 2018

g.       HWRA Luncheon club talk letter

h.       Traffic Regulations-new school markings

i.         Light Leonards Close

j.         Horse Rider signs on road from Thorngumbald to Paull?

k.       Committee for Standards in Public Life letter from Matthew Buckley

l.         ERNLLCA newsletter

m.     Humber Acute Services Review-invites

n.       RoSPA advanced training email-donation?

o.       NALC letter






6.    Forums

a.    Yorkshire Water: burst water main in Main Street, also cleaning of pipes completed

b.    B.P.: /PX: nothing to report

c.     Nippon Gohsei: nothing to report

d.    Triton Power Ltd: nothing to report

e.    Vivergo: nothing to report

f.     Ineos: nothing to report

g.    Environment Agency: joint presentation with ABP 30 Jan-Patrington Village Hall -Cllrs Shaw and Allen

7.    Committees

a. Development & Conservation: ABP / YEP


b. Able UK & ABP/Siemens: ABP-as above

c.  Police / Neighbourhood Watch:

d. Lighting:

e. Allotments:

f.   School info: derelict blacksmiths shop adjacent to the school

g. Sports field:

h.  Community Recreation Area: as above

i.   Road Safety / Highways: as above–poor lighting Leonards Close

j.   Emergency:

k.  Transport:

l.   Village Hall: Comedy Play staged in January









8.            Finance:

a.       Clerk salary, £50 cremation plot (KG), stamps £8.04

b.       £56.40 plaque (JL)



9.         Any Questions:


10.     Next Meeting:


Thursday 7 March 2019 starting at 7 pm, in the upstairs observation deck of Paull Village Hall (disabled access available.)