PAULL PARISH COUNCIL: Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 10 January 2019

1.    a:  Apologies for absence :  Cllrs Shaw, Allen, Leach, Thurston
b: In attendance :
Cllrs Failey (In the chair), Hulme, Annison, Lowde, Hodgson, Carlill, Beadle,  Cllr Steel,  4 Members of the public inc Cllr Bell, Preston Parish Council.
2.         Declarations of Interest (if relevant) none


3.         Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday, 6 December 2018

Proposed: Cllr Lowde; Seconded: Cllr Annison; Vote: carries unanimously


4.       Matters Arising Therefrom


·         Precept-increase agreed by 6 out of 7 Councillors to £10,000-form sent back to County Hall

·         ABP update-Full planning application is now submitted to ERYC-closing date 21 Jan for PPC, 28 Jan for public to submit any objections. PPC objection submitted, not yet logged on the system. Huge objection activity in the village and surrounding areas, individual objection letters need to be submitted- pro formas available- more information available from PADEL objection group. PADEL have hand delivered information leaflets to every household. PPC unanimously agreed to donate £100 to PADEL.  Cllr Steel informed that herself, Cllr Bryan, and Cllr Dennis have arranged a meeting with Stephen Hunt (planning ERYC), to look at objections and what stage the planning is at, she will also explore whether the LDO has gone to committee.

·         Yorkshire Energy Park- the latest submitted planning application only includes the Data Storage facility, and the Energy Centre—does this mean that the new gym facilities will no longer go ahead? Public Engagement session in Paull Village Hall Thursday, 24 January 2019, Councillors unable to make the offered 3-4pm preview meeting—have emailed and offered 6pm, Thursday, 17 January-awaiting response.

Cllr Bell (Preston Parish Council) voiced concerns that there is no representative from our area on the Strategic Planning Committee

·         Composite Bench-Cllr Lowde informed that the bench is now in place, £360 (inc vat) unanimously agreed to P Knight for concrete base and fixing. Cllr Lowde has the plaque on order, once it is in situ, he will complete the required ERYC grant paperwork and submit.

·         Campers on the carpark—clerk spoken to HCC, letter to go in support of land







5.    Continuing Matters :


·  Community Recreation Area-£20,000 grant deposited, Cllr Failey ordering equipment etc which conforms to the grant request. Look at applying for to the Chairman’s Award 2020 when completed

·  Charity Status-ongoing, no mentor involved now, Cllr Steel happy to assist Cllr Lowde

·  Traffic management Joint Venture—confirmed attending Feb mtg-discuss markers











6.    Correspondence


a.  2019 ERYC Grass cutting contract for football field £661.35 plus vat- proposed Cllr Lowde, sec Cllr Failey, unanimous


b.       Police and Crime Commissioner Survey-noted still long wait on the non- emergency number- clerk emailed Debbie Fagin


c.       REYTA -noted


d.       Chairman’s Awards-Paull Holme Tower refurbishment? clerk to contact Simon with Cllr Steel’s contact details













7.    Forums

a.    Yorkshire Water – Cllr Steel advised that there is massive investment due at the front of the site

b.    B.P. /PX– woodchip plant difficulties

c.     Nippon Gohsei : Nothing to report


d.    Triton Power Ltd (prev S.C.C Ltd)- nothing to report

e.    Vivergo : nothing to report


f. Ineos : nothing to report


g. Environment Agency : Cllr Hulme advised that the work is halted until April re wildlife. He has asked to be kept updated regarding forward plans, and will invite to PPC meeting when work commences













8.    Committees

a. Development & Conservation : ABP full Planning application submitted to ERYC. We acknowledge Jeff Bell, chair of Preston Parish Council attended Paull Parish Council meeting this evening, and thank him for his input.

Annison farmers-shed approved.

No update re Mr Johnstone application for 4 semis- Cllr Lowde stated that he had read the Environment Agency views on the flood risk report.
b. Able UK & ABP/Siemens : ABP as above,

c. Police / Neighbourhood Watch : –information shared-surgery 31 Jan 2019 outside the Village Hall. Concerns discussed regarding a spate of burglaries in nearby villages whereby thieves are drilling house door locks, taking keys and stealing targeted expensive cars


d. Lighting : nothing to report
e. Allotments : Cllr Beadle will explore the placing of IBC’s to collect rainwater, discussed a possible rent increase? as last year’s water bill high due to the dry summer

f. School info: no update, but Cllr Steel will contact ERYC re dangerous derelict blacksmiths building adjacent, which has been reported on numerous occasions over the years
g. Sports field: Grass cutting contract agreed. Letter to go re land


h. Community Area: as previously

i. Road Safety / Highways:  Paull Road now repaired to a good standard-clerk to thank ERYC

j. Emergency: does the Emergency Plan need reviewing? Preston and Thorngumbald have recently reviewed.

k. Transport: KF informed that both he and BM are invited to tour the bus head office 18 Jan, they are liaising with G Catterick re the possibility of some Paull buses going through Preston


l) Village Hall: Carol Concert a brilliant success, and raised £400, 26 January a comedy play -tickets £5- Cllr Lowde








































K.       Finance:

a): clerk salary, expenses – stamps £16.08, ink £18.90

b): PAYE £164.80

c): P Knight £360 (£300+£60 vat) base and fixing of commemorative bench

d): PADEL Donation £100

all approved unanimously



9.           Any Questions: wreaths removed from cenotaph?? Whistling pole-Cllr Beadle will deal, CCG are arranging to visit parish councils, do we need another defibrillator at the carpark end of the village? No lifebelts at the carpark end of the village, where there is much footfall-what did the survey say?? BM queried the status of Turpit Lane-is it a private road-who has access? KF complained about a horse being ridden on the footpath cut through, agreed a letter to go from PPC when the address is provided



There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.30pm




10.     Next Meeting: 7pm, Thursday, 7 February 2019, PROMPT-speakers from the Joint Venture-

upstairs observation deck of the Village Hall, disabled access available