PAULL PARISH COUNCIL  : Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 2 February 2017

1.    a:  Apologies for absence :  Cllr Allen
b: In attendance :
Cllrs Shaw, Woodmansey,  Hulme, Carlill, Failey, Annison, Beadle,  Lowde, Steel, Thurston, Bryan & Members of the public.
2.         Declarations of Interest (if relevant) Cllr Woodmansey


3.         Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 5 January 2017

Proposed : Cllr Failey;  Seconded: Cllr Woodmansey;  Vote: carries unanimously


4.       Matters Arising Therefrom :


a)       National Grid- presentation by Steve Ellison, Project Manager, and colleagues from the National Grid—a joint venture by Skanska, the pipeline will run from Goxhill to Paull, any construction vehicles will access the site via Rosehill track, and not through the village.  The project was explained for both sides of the river, and will run to September 2019.


National Grid are working closely with schools to promote STEM-science, technology, English and Maths, and other initiatives, and inter school competitions – it was explained that there is a shortfall of interested young people looking to enter into these career paths.

They are looking to support cycling proficiency in schools, and Skanska are promoting awareness and safety of construction vehicles by taking their trucks into school playgrounds.

They are sourcing local employment.

There is funding available for registered charities, accessed through a central site— (bids up to £20,000 are dealt with within 5-6 weeks)-ie £1000 for tents for a scout group.

Site visits can be arranged.


b)      Carpark, woods, lane and football field- awaiting further information from NPS

c)       Bus shelters- Humber Tavern installed, ERYC begin the groundworks at Turpit Lane 22 February (possibly for 7 days) to re-site the shelter- they will dismantle and remove the old one— if we want any of the glass to recycle for the allotments shelter, it will have to be removed prior to ER commencing the work.

d)      Plaque for the Humber Tavern bus shelter-wording to go to Cllr Beadle, he will provide

e)      ERNLCCA transparency Code- grant of £1982 deposited into PPC bank account 31/1/17

f)            Precept – confirmed by ERYC

g)       The England Coastal Path-Cllr Steel and Thurston attended the pop-in 23/1/17

h)      Yorkshire Water- extra activity at Rosehill due to broken sewage pump-now sorted

i)            Queens Garden Party- confirmation from ERNLCCA of names drawn, we can apply again next year

j)            Vivergo-renewables support letter sent in

k)       Path to the church impassable- information emailed to ERYC

l)            Topping of graves- advice from Thorngumbald Parish Council that the cost of their topping is included in the price, and done by their groundsmen from the spoil heap









a)Any traffic concerns, ring 0800 988 9144, or email Thomas Hall-















c)Cllr Beadle will look at how the glass can be removed


d)Cllr Hulme











l)Clerk to speak to Dave Horsley

5.    Continuing Matters :



·  Bank Mandate—clerk to speak with Barclays Bank again to ascertain exactly what is needed to change signatures


·  Declaration and Conduct forms— conduct forms are a legal requirement and need to be completed by all councillors – copy into ERYC, and uploaded onto PPC website
·  Yorkshire Enterprise Park- no information
·  Sea Defences- plans were on show in the Village Hall for the second phase- concerns still around the ending of the defences

·  Parish Plan-ongoing Cllr’s Shaw and Lowde

·  Website-presentation by Ben Woodmansey- the website is now up and running

·  Altzheimers pop-in/training- village hall—Cllr Lowde took the contact details of Kirsty Akrill to arrange












PPC to write into ERYC outlining these concerns again???????











a.  PKF remains external auditors for 2016-2017


b.  Sports Field grass cutting quote by ERYC-accepted


c.  Emergency Planning- last updated 2012-need a copy, and a new template

d.  Photos for ERNLCCA website- these will be alternated so more pictures needed-Clllr Beadle will provide pictures

e.  Community Housing Fund-noted

f.   Statement of Community Involvement-noted

g.  ERY Infrastructure Levy Draft Changing Schedule-noted

h.  Postcode Local Trust- can access if owning land-next round August

i.    Welwick to Skeffling re-alignment- pop-in noted

j.    Playland information regarding playground

k.  Tender received from Holderness Landscapes for grass and hedge cutting, and also for the new cemetery— vote -unanimous for to HL continue- payments 1st June and October 2017






b)clerk to confirm quote accepted to Helen Bedford



C)clerk to speak to emergency planning














j)Offer of support to complete funding bid from T Gale



j)Cllr Failey will liaise and update re playground

6.    Forums

a.    Yorkshire Water – nothing to report

b.    B.P. – Community Forum 5 April 2017-clerk has no details

c.     Nippon Gohsei :  nothing to report
d.    S.C.C. Ltd – nothing new to report

e.    Vivergo : meeting arranged for 22 February 2017, the Haven Arms, Hedon, commencing 6.30pm

f.      Ineos: nothing to report










e)-clerk to respond with names and dietary reqs-Cllrs Shaw, Annison, Woodmansey, Carlill, Beadle




7.    Committees

a. Development & Conservation : nothing to report


b. Able UK & ABP/Siemens : first loaded ship sailed from Siemens to Norfolk

c.              Police / Neighbourhood Watch : no statistics received, no Police representative at meeting.
d. Lighting: Number 8 Back Lane reported by Cllr Hulme-now repaired
e. Allotments: Cllr Beadle meeting with prospective tenant,  Cllr Carlill has agreed to rent the remaining allotment- Rents are set at £25 per annum due 1st April 2017

f.   School info: noted the new ‘no parking’ banner on the railings outside the school, provided by the school
g. Sports field : picnic tables need fixing down, seats need repairing

h. Road Safety / Highways : could the corner be taken off on the junction of Townend Road and Back Lane to enable large vehicles to  turn left into Back Lane

i.   Emergency : details of previous emergency plan and new template for March meeting

j.   Transport : Mr Franks and Mrs Marshall gave details of some of the bus route and     timetable changes




















H)Clerk to give the information of the corner-

Cllr Steel will enquire


K.       Finance :
a: £3774 Shelutions -£3000 form the Enhancement Fund, balance of £774 from the main account

b : £250 Paull Hostings
All approved unanimously.




a)Cheque posted 4/2/17


b)Cheque handed 2/2/17

8.           Any Questions
a. Manhole covers x2 in the woods missing. (as the metal ones are stolen as fast as they are replaced Cllr Beadle will look to make new wooden coversb. Trailer left parked on either the road or footpath in the Main Street 

c: Tree has been felled opposite High Paull Lane end-who authorised?


d: Alarm at the Shipyard constantly sounding at late hours




e: Parking in Paghill is becoming very difficult, and there are some altercations taking place- concerns that these could become violent


f: is number 9 Paghill registered as a house of multiple occupancy (HMO)



g: Charity status for PPC-?


h: BM gave information regarding areas that there is a need for a litter pick


i: Mr Franks will supply the wording for a plaque in memory of Doris Franks to Cllr Beadle, who will make the plaque







b)Clerk to speak/write to the owner Mr Paling

c)Clerk to give whereabouts  to Cllr Steel

d)Cllr Beadle will visit new owners of the shipyard for update


e)Cllr’s Steel and Bryan will explore


f)Cllr’s Steel and Bryan will explore



g)Cllr Lowde to explore


h)Cllr Steel

9.         Next Meeting.


The March meeting will be held on Thursday March 2nd 2017

 starting at 7 p.m. in the upstairs observation deck of Paull Village Hall (disabled access available.)


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.05p.m.